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Lukas Goossen


Lukas GoossenProf. Dr. Lukas Gooßen
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Lukas Gooßen was born in Bielefeld in 1969. He studied chemistry at the Universities of Bielefeld, Michigan, and Berkeley and obtained his Ph.D. at the TU München in 1997 under the supervision of Prof. Dr. W. A. Herrmann. After postdoctoral research with Prof. Dr. K. B. Sharpless at the Scripps Research Institute and a position as a research chemist at Bayer AG (Central Research Division), he gained his Habilitation at the MPI für Kohlenforschung in the group of Prof. Dr. M. T. Reetz in 2000-2003. Thereafter, he moved to the RWTH Aachen, and since 2005 he is professor at the TU Kaiserslautern. His research is devoted to the development of sustainable methods for C-C-bond formation and for introducing interesting functiona¬lities. He is especially interested in exploring alternative substrates for catalysis, e.g. carboxylic acids, which promise to reduce the formation of waste salts and effluents within a synthetic sequence. Recent awards include the Carl-Duisberg-Prize of the GDCh (2007), the Novartis Young Investigator Award (2007), and the AstraZeneca Award in Organic Chemistry (2008).



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