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Benjamin Prek


Benjamin PrekBenjamin Prek

Benjamin Prek was born in Ljubljana, Slovenia in March 1986. He attended high school at Gimnazija in ekonomska srednja šola Trbovlje (Gymnasium Trbovlje, Slovenia) between 2001-2005. After finishing high school, he went on to study chemistry at the Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology, University of Ljubljana. In 2011 he graduated from organic chemistry under the mentorship of Prof. Dr. Branko Stanovnik. He was awarded the Krka award for his diploma thesis: Synthesis of dimethyl 6-substituted pyridine-3,4-dicarboxylates and 2-substituted-4,5-bis(methoxycarbonyl)pyridine-N-oxides. The same year he began his PhD. study, also under the mentorship of Prof. Dr. Branko Stanovnik. The area of his research was heterocyclic chemistry, with special emphasis on enaminonic systems as important intermediates in heterocyclic synthesis and [2+2] cycloadditions of electron-poor acetylenes on various enaminone systems. In December 2014 he recieved his PhD degree for his doctoral thesis: Synthesis of enaminones from methyl ketones and their further transformations to aromatic and heteroaromatic systems.


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