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Ian J. S. Fairlamb


Ian J. S. FairlambIan J. S. Fairlamb

Ian J. S. Fairlamb was born in Crewe (England, U.K.) in 1975.  He was appointed to a lectureship in Organic Chemistry at the University of York in 2001, following Ph.D. study with Dr. Julia M. Dickinson in Manchester (1996-1999), and a post-doctoral research project with Prof. Guy. C. Lloyd-Jones in Bristol (2000-2001). He was a Royal Society University Research Fellow (2004-2012) and promoted to full Professor in Chemistry in York in January 2010.  Fairlamb’s research interests are in catalysis, green chemical synthesis, spectroscopy (NMR, XAFS), biophysics (fluorescence) and antibiotics (CO-releasing molecules). He is known for work involving Pd catalyst and ligand design, the involvement of higher order Pd species (e.g. clusters and nanoparticles) and exploiting mechanistic understanding in synthetic chemistry. The Fairlamb group collaborates with academic (experimental and computational) and industrial groups from around the world.


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