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Štefan Marchalín


Štefan MarchalínŠtefan Marchalín

Štefan Marchalín graduated in Organic chemistry at the Faculty of Chemical Technology, Slovak University of Technology (STU) in Bratislava in 1979. He then moved  to Faculty of Chemical Technology, Institute of Chemical Technology in Prague, where he began in 1981 his PhD study, under the supervision of Professor Josef Kuthan. The area of his research was synthesis of novel organic luminophores on the basis of cyanopyridines. In 1985 he received his PhD degree and returned to STU in Bratislava. After a two postdoctoral stays in France, with Professor Henri B. Kagan (Université de Paris Sud) in 1988 and Professor Bernard Decroix (Université du Havre) in 1991 he was appointed Associated Professor in 1994 at STU in Bratislava. A full professorship in Organic chemistry followed (January 2003). He was Visiting Professor at URCOM, Université du Havre (in 2004, 2006, 2007, 2009 and 2012) and DPM, Université Joseph Fourier, Grenoble (2012).
His recent research is focused on the development of novel synthetic methods for the preparation of analogues of indo(quino)lizidine alkaloids, methods based on amino acids as cheap chiral building blocks. More specifically Professor Marchalín and his research group is about to develop methods using internal asymmetric induction in such a way that the chirality of the molecule is derived from the suitable placed stereogenic centers without involvement of an external source of chirality.


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